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Corrugated Packing Boxes

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Product Description

Corrugated Packing Boxes

Corrugated Packing Boxes are used for packing of many products, Starting from food products will heavy machinery parts packing all are made of corrugated material. Corrugated material is a wavy recycled card content material which is further pasted with cover stock which can either be paper or card. Cover stock is attached in order to give final touch to packing and custom printed cover stock gives branding to your boxes.

Corrugated material have two types, E-Flute Corrugate and B Flute Corrugate.

These corrugation types are based on wavy orientation of the material. E-Flute Corrugate have relatively small air tubes, which makes box more stiff, Where as B-Flute Corrugate have relatively big corrugation tubes which makes box rather more flexible. Further more corrugated tubes can be increased based on the usage of the packing boxes. We offer single tube, double tube and triple tube corrugated boxes manufacturing.

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